We live in Day and Age where almost every young male dreams of becoming a Rap artist whose style and popularity outshines all others, going from obscure poverty all the way to becoming a highly sought after commodity. The story is no different for Alabama natives DG (born Dakota Gardner), Smokey (born Jacob Brewster), and Chronic (born Levi Campbell) together they are O.T.C. (Only The Crew). The real life and struggles of O.T.C. along with their tireless dedication, work ethic, and commitment to being the best Rhythm and Poetry (Rap) story tellers has prepared them to not only "talk the talk" but "walk the walk" with the potential to take them all the way to the top of the music industry. Being only the second artist signed to Atlanta Georgia's number one independent music label O.T.C.'s lyrical and edgy style peaked the interest of the A&R Management Team at Just Good Music Group right from the start. 

Right out of the box with the release of their first mixtape titled "205 Nights" O.T.C. gave the rap game their own version of "shock and awe" straight with no chaser. Lyrically powerful and potent, O.T.C.'s style and messages deal with the real world experiences that each of them have gone through. Their entire mix-tape gives fans a backstage pass to truly discover who they are not only as artist but as hard working individuals struggling to blaze a unique path of their own making in this world full of clones. Like this excerpt of lyrics from their upcoming single titled "Gone Be Alright" says "There's no fabricating this life I live it's real, No animation or Pixar film I've killed companionship to deal, With emotions of how I feel" and that was the opening phrase.

O.T.C.'s musical influences thus far have been Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Tupac, J Cole, Outkast, Nas, Biggie, N.W.A., and the man that made the world sing "Imagine" John Lennon. All of those artists are great storytellers. When O.T.C. writes they show you their ability to speak on relevant and powerful issues reflecting the current day, time, and real life everyday experiences. Someone famous once said: "It is an artist's duty is to reflect the times in which one find's oneself, so how can someone call themselves an artist and not reflect the times in which they live?" - Nina Simone (1967)....and O.T.C. feels the exact same way, but don't sleep on their ability to appeal to your desire to dance and party. 

Life Before Music (Bio): 
DG, Smokey, and Chronic were born and raised in Ragland, Alabama. They became childhood friends from the early days of little league sports and elementary school. Each of them grew up in their homes listening to a variety of music ranging from Country tunes like "Sweet Home Alabama" to Blues to Classic Rock to Alternative music to of course Rap/Hip-hop music. O.T.C. has come a long way from their days back in High School hanging out at the basketball courts rapping and free-styling for fun. But it wasn't until a few years after High School graduation after experiencing life, taking college courses, and working jobs totally unrelated to music that they decided in May 2016 to combine their efforts and talents to form a group and make a commitment to spitting a unique lyrical flow unlike any other artists currently in the top spot. 

- Debut Single titled "Gone Be Alright" worldwide digital distribution release coming in March 2017 
- Debut Single Music Video release for upcoming song titled "Gone Be Alright" on February 4, 2017 (YouTube and Vevo) 
- First music released was a 10-track free mixtape titled "205 Nights" on Datpiff, SoundCloud, and YouTube November 25, 2016
- O.T.C. signed to independent music label Just Good Music Group (Atlanta, GA) on June 10, 2016 
- O.T.C. (Only The Crew) was formed by DG, Smokey, and Chronic in May 2016 

- Coast 2 Coast LIVE  March 28, 2017  9pm Zydeco's Birmingham, Alabama

- BFT and Club PURE  After-Party Showcase  April 5, 2017  9pm Club PURE Anniston, Alabama 


INFLUENCES: Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Tupac, J Cole, Outkast, Nas, Biggie, N.W.A., John Lennon

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